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direct tv Reviews

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  • Wont help out a Soldier

    Don't ever get Direct Tv service, I am a Soldier of the United States Army serving my country and this place of business wont help me out for 13 days... I had a death in the family and had to get my wife to where she needed to be for support and well they turned off my tv. I will NEVER again spend a cent on this company, I even asked to talk to a supervisor and the rep refused. More...
    AKCmommy's Picture   AKCmommy    0 Comments   Comments
  • horrible customer service

    First of all, we have been Direct TV customers for at least 20 years, that being said. I received a sales call from them and the DT representative was laughing and carrying on when I answered the phone, he gave me his name Daniel Cervantes, and proceeded to be rude and hung up on me when I told him I was on the account. I called Direct Tv back to let a supervisor know about him and trying to explain myself and being on hold for 15 minutes, the woman named Bell hung up on me. Call number three: I get another rep (Freida???) accent so strong I couldn't tell what she said...who is... More...
    ratroscoe's Picture   ratroscoe    0 Comments   Comments

    This company sucks when it comes to service. The employees dont know what they are doing. The left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing. They steal customers money. Its not even fair. I called and spoke with an individual to disable the feature to purchase movies from the remote control. I have a 5 yr old who was ordering movies not knowing they cost money and I kept calling and asking how hes able to do this since its been disabled. They literally kept it happening for months and I didnt know and now im stuck with the bill. WHAT HAPPENED TO EMPLOYEES ACTUALLY DOING THEIR JOB???? I... More...
    KIMG's Picture   KIMG    0 Comments   Comments
  • Contract

    I want to say that when you start out with direct tv they start you out with 50.00 does not last for 2 yrs like they say. After one yr the price went up 3-4 times tried to get price down and they will not work with you. They said we took 45.00 off We cancelled now the are billing me 120.00 to break the contract. The same day I cancelled they are sending me to get you back will give you a 200.00 gift card. We called again they will take the bal off to come back give us 200 gift card why can't you help people when they are your customer. We will never go back to direct tv will not work... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Barbiedd38's Picture   Barbiedd38    0 Comments   Comments
  • incomplete installation

    satellite tv is very slow, it did not speed up my internet as stated I have a tv in the garage set as a monitor only by using a splitter in the living room now the box has no coax out they have nothing but to pay for another box they won't even see about it, ignoring my statement no customer satisfaction here I called nick at the oakridge mall and told him I'm going to badmouth him More...
  • horrible service

    this company look like back yard company , they schedule my instillation 5 times , and they never did , we just bought this service to get unlimited data form ATT WIRELESS , nothing buy headache ,if need to get service don't buy from this company , they call a lot times for the appointment and they never show up , buy from Verizon you will a lot better More...
    (Cable TV)
    hiltipros's Picture   hiltipros    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct tv refused to credit my account for payments

    I cancelled my direct tv service and agreed to pay a cancellation fee. They continued to bill me through ATT bundle, and never corrected my bill. I continued to pay four months waiting for them to correct my bill. I talked to them multiple times, each time they promised to fix my bill. Now they have turned me over to a collection agency who harass me daily. After waiting forever today, I finally spoke to a supervisor, who informs me that they don't have to credit those payments, and don't plan to. They do acknowledge that I did not have service those four months, and was paying... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Michael58's Picture   Michael58    0 Comments   Comments
  • Billing Bungle

    I cancelled my service in September 2016 due to the increased cost for service. I never received a final bill. I did however receive an e-mail stating that the balance was past due. So, I called and stated that I hadn't received the bill and was told they would both e-mail and mail it, but I still never received the bill either by e-mail or mail. Interesting that I did receive the past due notice by e-mail but not the final bill. I called again and was told that it would again be sent via e-mail and mail after re-verifying both addresses. Still, I've never received the bill.... More...
    Baileys's Picture   Baileys    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Customer Service

    When I first got Direct TV in July 2015, they sent me a technician to set up the service. This technician told me to cancel my order with Direct TV and call a different number to get a free $100 gift card. This would mean I would still get all of my same prices and services and it'll still be from Direct TV but a different company would be taking over the installation service. I said I did want DVR service but wanted to budget my money first to see if I could afford it. So not only did I not get my $100 gift card, but I wasn't told that I only had 14 days to get the special for... More...
    (Cable TV)
    mrpibbabe49's Picture   mrpibbabe49    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sorry service and overcharge for no contract cancellation

    Direct TV accepted a final payment on bill and was advised to cancel service. After multiple calls from their retention company offering contract deals to reinstate they were told no thank you. Five days later a call came threatening collection and legal action for cancellation fees for a contract that they admitted did not exist. Plus charges for a service call that the tech said would not be charged for since it was defective equipment. To shut them up I paid their final 118.94 fee with the agreement from them that they send no more mail, no more phone calls, no more requests and... More...
    disrespected's Picture   disrespected    0 Comments   Comments
  • direct tv what a ripoff

    what a nightmare, promised package and price never happened. customer service is terrible, can never talk to the same person. If you do a BUNDLE you will really get screwed !! they blame each other and give the biggest run around ever. extra fees are very high. never got the discount price but they say I'm in a contract, so they can collect shut off fees. What a mess, can't wait to be rid of it. Direct TV you got me good. But NEVER AGAIN !!!!! More...
    sunnfunn53's Picture   sunnfunn53    0 Comments   Comments
  • missing payments

    I have filed a complaint online with this company in April in May talk to them in June refound another claim in July have proof that my money orders were cashed sent that to them I wake up this morning and I have no service $700 and payments have been received in cash by DIRECTV and I'm getting a little bit upset everytime I call your resolution department they told me to wait another 10 days its been 6 months somebody needs to do something about this ASAP this is poor business. More...
    (Cable TV)
    ginger77's Picture   ginger77    0 Comments   Comments
  • direct tv took money out account

    my name is annabelle steward i have a dispute with direct tv for going in my account on july 1 2015 to pay for something i dont even have with them i use my credit card 4303249000155126to start my mother service i ask was they going to keep card on file answer was no now thry done took 38259out of my account and i want it back they keep telling me to wait 10 to14 days on account 2004474 was not to be discuss with me but a agent gave me account number i told them did not want as primary account More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    asteward's Picture   asteward    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst TV Cable Provider

    Recently I relocated from Iowa to Dallas, TX. I was a Direct TV customer. When I called to discontinue with my service, they told me that I could transfer my services. I then informed them it would take approximately 3 months to get settled. After the 3rd month while I was in Dallas, TX, and with the TV equipment in a carton, they started billing me using the Iowa address. Didn't they have my e-mail address to communicate to me since they didn%u2019t ask for my Dallas address ??? Don't they know the meaning of RELOCATION??? Why send a bill for me to Iowa of $ 80.00 while I am in... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Jim2015's Picture   Jim2015    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct TV Billing for Non-existent services

    Direct TV is billing me for non-existent services that I haven't used !! I relocated from Iowa to Texas . Their agent suggested suspending my account for about 3 month so that I continue my services in Texas .The agent didn't ask my new Texas address . After 3 months, they started billing me through my old Iowa address for services I was not using as I live in Texas. They want $ 80.00 from me now and that really sucks.They claim to have activated the services after the 3 months to a non-existent address, probably my former Iowa address but I had their digital boxes and... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Jim2015's Picture   Jim2015    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct TV

    Customer since 2005, they were good then. In the past 3 yrs., they are TERRIBLE. Don't see how they are allowed to raise prices, charge whatever, slam with a "contract" you never agreed to. I told them I was selling vacation home, cancelled, refund was due, they sent it on a Visa card they opened with Citibank, that I did not agree to, did not know they released my info to Citibank, and here comes a card with the refund amount, stating that if I used it, I was into a contract then with Citibank.....within 10 days, my phone has received so many scammer calls from all... More...
    (Cable TV)
    vca2015's Picture   vca2015    0 Comments   Comments
  • Misrepresentation of deposit

    When I called to subscribe to Direct TV they requested a $230 deposit due to my poor credit (I had been laid off work and living was very difficult), I gave it to them using my debit card. Upon receipt today of my second statement I called because there was a charge of $2.15 labeled as a "Regional Sports Fee". I don't watch any sports nor does anyone in my household and I had specifically declined their offer of a trial version of their sports program at the time I ordered service; so why am I being charged a regional sports fee. I was told that this fee is based on my... More...
  • Incompetant help and poor service to existing customers

    We were with Direct tv for 20 years. In all that time we have seen our bill go up constantly, never have gotten any good deals , and have received poor service. We had an opportunity to switch companies. We called Direct tv to see if they could give us a deal instead but were told that they couldn't. I asked if we were still under any contracts and was told no. So we switched to another company. I called to cancel Direct tv and then they wanted to offer a deal. When I told them I had already switched they said I would have to pay a penalty because I was still under contract. When I... More...
    Timberlan127's Picture   Timberlan127    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint

    I was with Charter for years when friends convinced me to go to Direct TV, A big mistake. The one good thing has been the ability to record shows that I like. That's it. I kow that not all this is Direct TV's problem, but in hope that it will benefit coustomers in the future, I offer my two cents. Whom ever the Program Manages are for the channels should be ashamed of themselves. They offer nothing new and they put it on a dozen or more channels at the same time. The companies pay million of dollars for ads that the channels run to the point of only providing 26 minutes,... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Bruce0504's Picture   Bruce0504    0 Comments   Comments
  • bait and switch

    have been with Direct TV since April 2010.I paid the full rate from April 2011 to 2014. I was given a promo for $25 off for 12 months in 2014. My bill went back to full rate in Dec. 2014.I called customer service to reinstate the promo. They offered a $5 off for 12 months. I cancel my services on Dec.11, 2014. After I was promised another $25 off for 12 months for signing back up, I was given a confirmation #. I called a couple hours cause the discount was not showing up. The agent read the notes from the screen and supposedly activated the discounts. I called back and they said," they... More...
    figaro143's Picture   figaro143    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct TV and Hidden Contract Fees - Not disclosed at time of set- up

    Direct TV is is a bunch of crap. I had Direct TV since 2011 and was under no contract. I moved in April 2014, and set up my service again and they offered "Movers Discounts" which sounded great. After my Service was set up in my new place I had to move again after three months. I suspended my service until I could get settled again but was never really happy with the "new discounts", and then called to send back my equipment because overall bundling Centurylink and Direct TV was costing me different amounts each month and regular cable better fit my needs. The first... More...
    (Cable TV)
    jharrison007's Picture   jharrison007    0 Comments   Comments
  • fraudulent information

    I was told I would get local tv and Pittsburgh pro sports. Not do. Because I have a West Virginia address.....6 miles from the border....I can't get Pittsburgh stations. I an 39 miles from downtown Pittsburgh but can't get the Pittsburgh sports stations. Had I been told the truth, I would never have switched from Comcast, More...
    (Cable TV)
    Snsn's Picture   Snsn    0 Comments   Comments
  • Over Charged

    I have had service with Direct TV for a number of years and never had a problem with their service. When I had an issue I would call in and they would fix my concern. Until recent when I called in on August 15,2014 regarding my bill. It was higher than all of my prior bills, part of the increase was that they took off two credits one for $20.00 and the other for $10,00. Then I was told on 7/10/14 that I was to have HBO and Showtime for the price of HBO for three months. After having to be transferred over five times I was told sorry not going to honor what you were told. I was also... More...
    (Cable TV)
    db1010's Picture   db1010    0 Comments   Comments
  • direct tv charging you for stuff

    they lie and steal from you.they slip charges on your bill and then u have to fight tooth and nail to get it off your bill.They charge you 199.00 to move no matter how long you have had your service.And you have to pay it because you have a contract.It use to be free to move but now they say that depends on how many credits you have on your account.If they give you any kinds of credit for anything that counts against you.each time you call you get a different story.If you get the agents name and badge number,that does not matter.they do have the best products,but they find a way to screw you More...
    (Cable TV)
    beerent's Picture   beerent    0 Comments   Comments
  • False and Misleading Advertisement/ Bait and Switch

    I have been contacted by Direct TV and have connected them several times regarding "promotional" programs that they are offering for a "limited time" and they are all VERY misleading. The ads refer to things like "Free" HD/DVR receivers for up to 4 rooms, High Definition for the entire house. However, when you call them, you realize that although you get the equipment to "receive" high definition television, you don't get the HD signal. You guessed it, you can purchase that signal if you would like what was described in the advertisement but... More...
    Sairaf's Picture   Sairaf    0 Comments   Comments

    Last Sept. 2013, my Dad's caregiver received a coupon that stated $29.99 a month and receive FREE for 3 months HBO,STARZ,SHOWTIME,AND CINEMAX. WITHOUT MY PERMISSION they canceled Charter and signed him up with Direct TV. My Dad is 96 years old and l pay all his bills and l am POA for him. When l was paying his credit card l noticed that he had a bill for Direct TV and not Charter, so l called on 10/14/13 and talked to Willie. l told him my Dad wouldn't be able to use there control since he has used Charter since 1992. l told them that I NEVER GAVE PERMISSION to transfer from... More...
    dc1966's Picture   dc1966    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct TV is a dissapointment

    Don't go with Direct, stay with cable, I know the cable company sucks and you want to dump them but don't. When my 2 years with Direct is up I'm going right back to cable. The first thing you'll notice about Direct is that it takes forever to change the channel. My TV's take at least 8 seconds to go from one channel to another, it seems like an eternity when you just want to surf around. The signal blanks out during rain and wind and there are multiple 2-3 second blank outs each hour of viewing. Direct TV also pulls some really bad tactics on you: They will... More...
    (Cable TV)
    heyfaqu2's Picture   heyfaqu2    0 Comments   Comments
  • a mess of wires hanging off house

    My tenants moved out and upon arriving we found a direct tv dish on our roof and another in the middle of the yard right in front of the kitchen table window. The worst was the tangled up mess of wires hanging off the house. I spent 40 minutes on the phone trying to find out who to contact regarding this. Of course you get the "cables and dishes are the customers property". I am aware of that, but who is responsible for the crappy install and extra holes drilled into the house? Direct tv is great if you are placing an order, but no where to be found if you have an issue like... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Sweettater's Picture   Sweettater    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct TV-They are a rip off

    I had a past due balance in October and when I called them to pay it, they took the payment. Then they turned around three days later and sent me another bill with the October balance still on it. i called them and they said to disregard it because THEY has a system error in October where it look as if peoples payments did not process. Next bill i had a 400.00 bill that included the October bill twice. I spent 3 hours on the phone with someone who must have been in the Philippines because we refuse to Americans, only to be told the same story over and over and over. 2 months later the issue... More...
    angiegomez26's Picture   angiegomez26    0 Comments   Comments
  • DTV Bad Customer Service

    I've been a Direct TV customer for a little over 2 years and I have noticed my bill progressively increasing each month. After calling customer service, I expressed my concern with the monthly cost (82.59 Choice Extra Package). They explained to me that all my promotions and discounts have expired. After several minutes of failed negotiations I requested the Retention Department in order to cancel my service. Even after the threat of cancellation DTV showed no interest in giving me any discounts in order to keep my business. I am extremely disappointed with their unwillingness to... More...
    richardlines's Picture   richardlines    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct TV - Breach of Contract - Terrible Service - WHY does anyone put up with it?

    I am pleased to be rid of Direct TV. This company will not be around much longer ... technology is changing ... and people simply will no longer support two year contracts that are one sided: we pay, and hope they provide service on the account. There is simply no accountability for the customer service personnel. Yes, the phones are "monitored", but do they really have time to review phone calls? No. And employees know this .. and I've worked with some great employees - don't get me wrong. I just feel that large companies, once they have you in contract, truly have all... More...
    MyTakeOnIt's Picture   MyTakeOnIt    0 Comments   Comments
  • No service During Stormy Weather

    I have had Direct TV since Aug 2005. I changed Recently... They charged me $60. Cancellation fee which they used my credit Card from previous payments...Deducted it from my checking s Account. I sent back the Remote and receiver. I cancelled Because all summer.....almost.... Everyday this Summer we have had Storms in the Atl area. I would not have Service until the next Day. With U Verse your service is there during Storms.. More...
    Hilly's Picture   Hilly    0 Comments   Comments
  • direct tv reliability

    Just converted from Cox cable TV to Direct TV as My son's girlfriend moved in and has a 2 yr. contract. With Cox cable, I experienced occasional outages due power loss-very infrquent ,3-4 times yearly. With Direct TV-satellite-I am losing my signal nearly every day-message says"searching for satellite. Direct Tv is awful,reliability stinks-will certainly go back to cable once current contract expires-my direct tv has now gone missing for 2 almost 3 hrs-expect this if you get direct tv More...
    zwman's Picture   zwman    0 Comments   Comments
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